„The Soldier of September”

„ The Soldier of September”

Polish soldier crawling towards two tanks, which block the way to Modlin Fortress, then quickly returns to his fight position...

This Soldier will be awarded for this act with Cross of Braves.

The story of Mr. Ernest Nizałowski' s life is saturates with the beauty and atrocities of XX century...

His father is one of the first, who built an airplane and later his son, Ernest, became pilot too.

After II World War started, when many of Polish found shelters in Hungary, Nizałowski got on the train and enlisted to Polish Army in Poland. He wanted to defeat his second fatherland... He got to German slavery. For 16 months he had been imprisoned in Marienburg (Malbork) cage. He escaped and returned to his home in Hungary.

Fatherland? Poland is his fatherland, its ground he kissed crossing by the border, but his fatherland is also Hungary "mother's"...

The young men, speaking fluently with few languages, joined cage's group in Zugliget, which helped refugees to cross the borders and was directed by Józef Antall senior, leader of Refugee department of Internal Affair Office and colonel Zoltan Balo (general in later times), and leader of XXI department do Army's Affair Ministry. In 1930 he escorted refugees to England as the translator. In 1943 he escorted groups of 10-12 people through Yugoslavia and Italy to Lyon in France. During these last actions he met Henryk Sławik, leader of Civil Polish Committee.

Our hero made it impossible to detonate rail bridge in Kőbány (Budapest), then he got to Russian slavery and became translator...

After II World War he started service in the army and then in police. As the translator he had been working with László Rajka till 1949, when- during many of suits brought that times-   based on invented accusations, he was sentenced and had been waiting for execution for couple of years. We was made free based on the amnesty in 1953.

When he is 94 years old, he pilot an airplane. Currently he is almost 100 years old and is still active in caring the Polish and Hungary relationship.

The film is a relation about him, computability and non-computability of his destiny, illustrated with scenes from his life, which makes it easier for the viewer to imagine.

Director's conception of the film "The Soldier of September"


In the central point of the film there is story of 99 years old Mr Ernest Nizałowski about his life. Many of the conversation pieces will be illustrated with scenes taken in original places.

Patchwork construction of the film makes it possible to underline some of the elements of film's drama.

We want to underline and strengthen story beyond the worlds with elements of the historical and feature film, as picture is worth more then only verbal story.

Interview will be mixed with historian stories and documentary pictures.  So classic storytelling is combined with dynamic film scenes and archive recordings. This rhythm of changed fragmentary gives the atmosphere of moving picture influencing the mood of the whole film.

Pictures will be taken in Poland and Hungary in the original places, which gives more accurate view of perpetual exile of Mr. Ernest between these two countries, fatherlands, between these two nations.

War scenes will be realized with participation of Association of Historical Reconstruction of Legion Wysocki in Budapest and many historical reconstructions in Poland.

Out of 25 days of film realization, 11 is planned in Poland (Modlin Fortress, Malbork- cage place, Góraszka's airport...), 11 days in Budapest (interviews, places of Mr. Ernest's stay that days and also interviews with him) and 3 days in the other regions of Hungary.

* * *

Production: Zajti film, Reco Tv

Film Team:

Zajti Ferenc entrepreneur, producer, screenwriter,  

Zajti Gábor camera operator, director and art-director

Zajti Balázs camera operator, director, technical workings coordinator

István M. Dabi camera operator, instructor of the animated pictures and media theory, translator

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